Message From Chairman

Mr. Madan Sundar ShresthaOur hospital was established as a community hospital. The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MOFALD) had developed a formulation act that governs directs NKFMH. We offer almost free services and facilities for the target group, hence under the privileged community. It has become a hub for small health centers and centers for poor patients.

I feel highly privileged to welcome you to the website of Nepal Korea Friendship Municipality Hospital (NKFMH). On behalf of Nepal Korea Friendship Municipality Hospital, I would like to express my best wishes to all our friends and Well-wisher.

NKFMH, situated in the heart of the Bhaktapur city, Madhyapur Thimi, has been successful to give a variety of health services. Since NKFMH mainly targets to fulfill the health policy of the country, its plans, programs, and activities are geared to that end. As for the medical facilities, the Hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment and highly qualified doctors, consultants, and management. Our services have already gained National & international recognition. Our hospital is providing standard health care at an affordable cost.

NKFMH is committed to recruiting, retaining, and developing a diverse team of talented professionals from all over Nepal. Through organic and inorganic growth, we seek to increase our footprint, not just in size and reach but also in being Green through the Eco-friendly practices of healthcare management. At this junction, we must make way for the new generation to add strength and direction to this journey. The rapid strides in medical technology, the steady growth in better drugs, and the ever more aware and educated patient, calls for new methods of service and management.

Our main motto is “Service with a smile” and all the staffs are in good moral.

Thank you.

Mayor Mr. Madan Sundar (Jagulu) Shrestha
Chairman, Nepal Korea Friendship Municipality Hospital